Religious Arts and Icons

Western Religious art and religious icons by award winning artist Mark Sassani. It is possible to commission religious icons or western religious art and other religious art. Religious icons ( from the Greek εἰκών eikōn “image or likeness”) are venerated artworks of Jesus, Mary, saints, or angels. The iconographer writes an icon as opposed to painting one. This indicates their close relationship to scripture and church tradition. To those who appreciate western art, icons may seem strange or primitive. If we would begin to see with the heart and a more spiritual eye, we could discover in the icon a guide and instruction to the spiritual life, and a means of encountering and honoring those who are depicted in the icon.

Check out the videos at the bottom of the page for a brief insight into icons and icons made by Mark Sassani.

Click on any of the religious Icons below to view price and more information about christian icons.

Please note: since most of these Icons are sold, a new Icon for each of these or any other Saint can be commissioned.

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