Art Restoration

Restoration and Repair Services for Art Pieces

Art and Statue Restoration

Artist Mark Sassani of the Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio is well-known and respected for his art and oil painting restoration, as well as his expert statuary restoration and repair plus sculpture restorations. Statue repairing and restoring is a specialty and takes the knowledge and expertise of a professional.

Mark has traveled far and wide to restore statuary damage to beautiful, pristine conditions. Most statue restoration and repair services are done for the religious Christian community.

Churches and individuals who have murals, paintings, icons, or sculptures in need of professional restoration seek out Mark Sassani for their important work. When quality matters in the restoring or repair of valuable or historic works of art, please contact Mark Sassani. We are a professional expert art restoration company.

His skill with restoration places him among the very best

Mark Sassani of St. Josephs' Fine Art Studio has completed 2 restorations of Hudson Collection paintings for me. Each was covered with dirt and had sections of lost paint & damaged canvass. They were so old that moving them across a room would cause further damage.

He cleaned and restored both the frames and the canvasses. He matched the old paint perfectly and brought back the places that had lost paint. A recent authentication & valuation placed each painting well beyond the total cost of purchase and restoration.

His skill with restoration places him among the very best yet his prices are reasonable. I highly recommend him!

- Harry H Woodbridge, VA

Statue Restoration

Statue restoration and statue repairs of religious statues by artist Mark Sassani. This page displays a few examples of statuary and sculpture restoration that artist Mark Sassani has performed and completed. Shown are a few of the more badly damaged religious statues in need of expert repairs.

Mark Sassani has repaired and restored literally thousands of statues for private individuals, churches, and businesses. Repairing statues and statuary restoration is a specialty and Mark is well-respected for his expert and professional statuary restorative talents. Contact Mark Sassani for all your art, statue, and sculpture repair and restoration.

Stained Glass Restoration

My stained glass restoration only concerns the cleaning, coloration, and shading of the glass itself.

It does not involve any work with the lead, framing, or structural support.

Common issues I address are dirt, missing color spots, and corroded color.

Areas usually most in need of restoration are faded face, hair, eye and lip color, and, to a lesser degree, clothing.

Shown here is a sample of the type of problems that arise with old stained glass windows.