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Mark Sassani is a native of Northumberland County, PA. By his fifth birthday, he had already demonstrated a strong interest in art. His artistic talents became a foundation for his education that enhanced his skills, his teaching, and his career as a professional artist.

While teaching art at Mount Carmel Area School District, he guided thousands of students in exploring their diverse artistic interests. In this mentoring role, he was exposed to a broad variety of media and forms of expression, becoming a more well-rounded artist. In his professional career, he worked in a wide variety of drawing and painting media. He also honed his skills in art restoration and in a variety of other forms of artistic expression.

During his years as a student and throughout his professional career, Mark has earned numerous awards for his work. His fine art expression consists mainly of colorful landscapes of eastern-central Pennsylvania. The play of light, color, compositional movement, balance, and beauty are essential to his art.

Along with his easel-work, he has completed a large number of commissioned works and art restorations for churches, private corporations, and individuals.

The Art Business

Mark has been a professional artist for the last four decades. During this time, he has marshaled his talents to produce outstanding fine art, commissioned art, murals, art restorations, and art classes. In addition, he routinely conducts art classes for adults and young students. His students have fun as they explore their interest in creating their own art.

He has garnered the attention of those who appreciate the value and high quality of his work. He has also had plenty of repeat business for the variety of other art services he offers. In 1994, he remodeled his studio, located at the corner of Fourth and Chestnut Streets in Mt. Carmel, PA. He christened it St. Joseph’s Fine Art Studio, reflecting on the aspirational model of fatherhood and an abiding belief in the Almighty.


Mark and his wife Donna Rose live with their young nephew Chase Anthony next door to his studio. Donna is a homemaker who has recently begun to take art classes herself. They have two daughters.

The older daughter Lori Ann lives in Penopolis, Brazil with her husband John Ruggiero, son Andy, and daughter Clara. Lori is also an artist and has opened her own art school in Penopolis.

The younger daughter Elizabeth graduated in May 2015 from Bucknell University with a BA in sociology with a focus on media, culture, and leisure. She is the recipient of the Gertrude Deppen Scholarship.

Mark is Roman Catholic and serves as an Extraordinary Minister of Communion and has been taking communion to the sick since 1995. He served on the parish council three times, he was twice a president of the council.

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Mark is fantastic the way he's doing this

"I heard he was very good at what he did. I've seen his work. I've seen some of the work he's done in churches and Mark is fantastic the way he's doing this."

- Dick Yuengling

Here is the 2nd mural after one week of work. Yuengling Brewery Door at the historic Yuengling Brewery Building in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.